Boricua, otherwise known as Bedos or its nickname among spacers 555, is planet in the Core Colonies. The planet was colonized by Boricua spacers from Earth. Boricua is the headquarters of Ramos-Figueroa Pharmaceutical Company and Heinz Medtech.

The planet is covered in water and the only land includes five large islands. The planet is home to the largest Communications array in the galaxy.The planet is surrounded by rings.The planet is also famous for its crystal clear blue waters that appear to glow at night. The planet is also orbited by five moons known as the Five Sisters.

Boricua was governed by the generally unnamed government known as the commonwealth

Description Edit

Over 90 percent of New Boricua's surface is covered in water. The ocean holds special crystals that are responsible for the distinctive blue color of New Boricua's sea water. At night the waters glow slightly The ocean is extremely deep.The surface is dominated by five large islands, known as the Five Brothers. The Five Brothers include the Main Island, New Vieques, New Mona, New Culebra, and Saint Croix. The Five Sons are surrounded by thousands of smaller islands known as the Younger Brothers. The Younger brothers float above the waters of the planets ocean.The Capital city of the planet, San Juan City is located on a dozen of the Younger Brothers. There is a southern island with a more temperate climate, allowing for pine forests.

The planet's axial tilt of zero degrees means that there is a single season that lasts all year. This also means that the standard year can be used in local time keeping without consequences, as every day is exactly the same.
New Boricua Surface

History Edit

In the Year 2080 Boricua spacers discovered a ringed planet orbiting the yellow dwarf star Averesta. The city of San Juan was transported from earth in some unknown fashion.

Terran Succession War Edit

In June of 1327 RC, the planet, which had been historically apart of the Old Republic, was a officially a protectorate of the Republic. The planetary leaders had attempted to forestall annexation and becoming a protectorate seemed like a solution. The Republic had other plans, nationalizing all medical factories and facilities for the military and dissolving the planetary congress. Later the planet declared independence from the Republic in April of 1328. This provoked a large scale invasion, resulting in millions of deaths. Cities were left in ruins.

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