Cielo, known originally as Civilis, and alternatively by as Erdol, is a large planet located within the Outer Margin Region of the Galaxy. Cielo was one of the most important planets during the wars between the Republic and the Empire. Cielo is a strange planet that is somewhere between a Gas Giant and a Terrestrial Planet.

Description Edit

Cielo is divided into two "worlds", The Surface, and the Expanse. The Surface is a desolate place filled with the Ruins of the Old World.

The Surface (The Old World) Edit

The Surface is covered in a poisonous ocean with only a few landmasses.The land masses are actually the top of the ruined cities of Civilis. The surface was once an earthlike place that was home to ten super states, Known as the Old Nations. The Old nations participated in a massive war that ended in the world flooding and a Desolation like event that created the Expanse. The surface World is also the location of two alternate realities, The Silent Realm and the Nightmare Realm. The Nightmare Realm is a hellish realm of monsters that is covered in Rust and blood.


The Expanse (The Real World) Edit

The Expanse is the thick layer of clouds bounding the Surface World. It is forty thousand kilometers thick and is the location of the Human civilization on Cielo. The Expanse is filled with hundreds of floating islands. These floating Islands include some sort of mechanism the turns the surrounding clouds into drinking water for the inhabitants. The floating islands are divided into three main layers; The Blue Sky, The White Nimbus, and the Black Barrier. The Blue sky holds the least islands of the three layers.

At the bottom of the Blue Sky, on the edge of the White Nimbus is the place where the most islands are located. Major cities such as the Big Ten are located on the edge of the White Nimbus. A large continent located in the southern hadley cell. The White Nimbus holds hundreds of Islands within its interior. This part of the White Nimbus is incredibly windy and dangerous. Plants in this area have hard shell like leaves that they retreat into during a storm. Buildings are also built to certain specifications that allow them to withstand winds up to two thousand miles per hour.

The White Nimbus meets the Black Barrier in a place known as the Greystorm. The Black Barrier has no light, except from the Greystorm's Lightning jets. The Black Barrier is the place where the Expanse ends. At the very bottom lies the Blackest Black, an impenetrable barrier that no one has ever reached. The below the Blackest Black lies the Surface World.

Politics Edit

Cielo holds a strategic position along a hyperspace route between the Republic and the Order. This has made the planet the site of many destructive battles. The Battle of Hadsuria ended up shattering the Floating Continent giving it its current form. The planet was also the location of the temporary capital of the Empire the spherical continent of Noradel.

Cielo was ruled by the nation Erdol. Erdol was

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