We the people of the New Republic, in order to provide defense and freedom in the Galaxy, and uphold the legacy of our predecessors, establish this document for the New United Interstellar Republic.

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Article I(structure and powers of the Federal legislature) Edit

  1. The Legislature of the New Republic shall be known as the Senate and will be divided into ten congressional regions based on the Regional States. The senate will consist of an Upper house and a Lower house.
  2. The Upper House will consist of one hundred senators, ten from each region. Each high senator will serve a five year term .Elections will be held across the Regional state and will not be limited to a sector. The high senators will each have one vote. Each regional state will have a roughly equal population if possible. The upper house shall be able produce bills regarding the procurement of revenue and related items, but such bills must be ratified and accepted by at least four fifths of the lower house.
  3. The lower house will consist of a senator from each sector. A lower senator will be known as a representative. Representatives will serve two year terms and will head over their sector assembly. Sectors will be formed from ten areas of nearly equivalent population. Representatives will have one vote.
  4. The lower house will be involved in the production of Regional bills. Such a bill requires the consent of four fifths of the upper and lower houses and may be modified by the upper house. If the bill is still not ratified it may be archived for later reference.

Article II(structure and powers of Edit

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