The States of the Core Colonial region are the most populous in the entire Republic and number 100 in total.They were the First states

State Capital world Main species Date of admittance Notes
Abascal State Perez Bazaja
Akiyama Commonwealth Ueda Bazaja
United Kingdom of Albion Londinium Bazaja
Aleman Republic New Berlin Bazaja
Ande Kingdom Granada Bazaja
State of Aztlan Meshika Bazaja
Balkanis Alliance Haimus Bazaja
Bantus Union Udon Bazaja
State of Beaumont New France Bazaja
Bengal Caliphate Dhaka Bazaja
State of Bezalis Kendall Kuruk
Republic of Bharat New Bharat Bazaja
Canadian Dominion York Bazaja
Caloris State Celos Celosion
State of Caribbea Kingstown Bazaja
Congo United States Newtown Bazaja
Danmar Kingdom New Copenhagen Bazaja
Devonis Dunholt Denolia
Eire Free State Eire Bazaja
State of Ellas Athenai Bazaja
Farsa Republican State Tehran Bazaja
French Republic Metro-Paris Bazaja
United States of Heikoan  Heikoan , Marsala Bazaja
United States of Heinrich Columbia Bazaja
Colonial State of Huilis Eldajan Eldajan
Royal State of Iberia Toledo Bazaja
Confederate Colonies of Italia Roma Bazaja
Republic of Itopa Abyssinia Bazaja
State of Jaran Urahn Urahnian
State of Jirah Jiurahn Urahnian
Republican State of Josun Hangkuk Bazaja
State of Kerusea Kerus Kerusean