Earth, also known as Terra or Parliament, is the homeworld of humanity. Earth is considered a backwater planet by people in the Republic.


Most of the planet is covered in oceans. The planet is in fact a ecumenopolis, although much of it is underwater. The planet's environment is maintained artificially by giant machines. The planet once had a normal environment, but eventually began to rely on the machines after the Republic bombed the world hundreds of years ago. The scars of war can be seen from space, cutting through continents.

The Coronet Engineering Company has it headquarters and many ship yards on Terra

Earth low orbit

History Edit

The Third world war began in the 1950's after the Second world War. The planet was engulfed in a war that started between The United Federation and the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire was just on the brink of collapse after the second world war ruined everything. In 1959 United Federation used hundreds of nuclear weapons to turn russian land, then apart of the Byzantine Empire, into water. Over three billion people were destroyed. The Byzantine Empire then launched an attack on the UFA. Instead of reaching the UF, the nuclear weapons destroyed western Africa and eastern South America. Ten Billion people were killed. Many People were fleeing the planet during the War to other parts of the Galaxy.

Imperial Era Edit

Politics Edit

400 years after the desolation, the United Terran Kingdom came to power. under the United Terran Kingdom, Terra is divided into ten regions

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