Erindiko is an urban planet with a huge population. Erindiko was once the capital of the Alliance

History Edit

First Century Edit

The planet became the capital of the Alliance government after the Desolation. It was just a small trading post then but it soon grew into the bustling world it is currently. The Alliance government ruled from the central continent. Erindiko's Lower City was constructed at this point, covering the planet's land masses.

Second Century Edit

Erindiko became the cultural center of the galaxy during the time during the Treaty era. Erindiko on the surface seemed to be a world of freedom and modernization, but in truth was a place of fear and desperation. Outsiders were rarely allowed to see the Lower City, and were restricted to the Upper City and parts of the Middle City. Erindiko was also building huge weapons that could reach to distant systems. The world was soon to be on lockdown.

Third Century Edit

After years of dormancy, in 240 RC the fading Empire broke the Treaty of Jimaro and attacked the Republic. Hundreds of worlds in the Margin were captured from the Republic. Erindiko was locked down leaving any off worlders trapped and doomed to be Re Educated. When the war eventually ended up at the capital, the Republic sent a legendary warrior to defeat the High Executive. The resulting battle between the two ended up destroying much of the central region. Skyscrapers were ripped from their foundations and were pieces of buildings flew. After 20 years of war, in 260 RC the emperor was killed by the hero. Erendiko was fought over by the Republic and the remaining imperial forces

Fourth Century. Edit

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