Ernesto Torres is a wielder of a Mist weapon.  

Biography Edit

Living in Arecibo CityEdit

Jose Ernesto Torres de Santos was born on the planet of Boricua to Luis Torres and Ana Santos de Cruz. Ernesto's mother died due to complications during labor. Ernesto's father became a depressed alcoholic. Ernesto had several older siblings, Arturo, Carlos, Javier, and Anabel. At the age of 2, Ernesto underwent surgery to replace a severely deformed heart with an artificial one. At this time Ernesto's mentally unstable older brother Arturo became a member of a cult that practiced human sacrifice to the water goddess Atabey. Ernesto's twin sister was murdered by Arturo in a ritual. Ernesto ended up with permanent scars. Luis Torres eventually realized what Arturo was doing and tried to reprimand him but was stabbed to death. Ernesto ran away from Arecibo while being followed by Arturo's group. When Ernesto's mechanical heart ran out of electricity the Mist prolonged his life with the Lightning blade, a weapon of enourmous strength but in turn trapped him in a crystal stasis as an unintended side effect of emotional trauma.

A Royal Run inEdit

Personality and traits Edit

Ernesto was of average height, with broad shoulders and lean muscles. Ernesto was very agile and fast. Ernesto was a skilled artist, partly owing to his unusual memory. Ernesto was a goof, never taking anything seriuosly unless absolutely required.

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