Granada was a tropical planet that was located on a major hyperspace route. Granada is the capital of the Ande sector. Granada is a peaceful world with plains and rain forests. The planet is known for its palm valleys and gigantic waterfalls. Granada's government was the Granada Royal Union.

Description Edit

The planet has several continents and oceans. The largest continent is known as the Central Continent. The Venezian Continent lies to the east of the Central Continent. The southernmost continent known as Tepui. Hundreds of islands dot the surface.

The Central continent was bisected by a large mountain range into two regions, Pacifica on the north-western side, and Riosia on the south-eastern side. In Pacifica, many ship building facilities exist, all owned by Ande-Esmeralda Ship Yards, a major rival to Roseas Fleet Yards stationed on Heikoan. Pacifica is the location of the Coastal megapolis, a chain of cities, towns, villages, and various Industrial areas.

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