Heikoan(Hy-ko-ahn), or (eye-ko-ahn), is a planet in the Galactic Republic. Hekoan was the Capital of the Galactic Republic, after it was decided Jarreban was not central enough. Hekoan was a major shipbuilding world, most of the starships in the Colonies, the Core, the Margin and the Inner and Mid Rim are built on Heikoan. Heikoan was similiar to earth, even having exact copies of landmasses. Heikoan is controlled by the Republic City council

Description Edit

Heikoan was an urban planet in the Colonies. The most of the planet spanning Republic City was located under water. On land, skyscrapers with terraces of gardens and vegetation encrusted the surface. The planet also had massive industrial complexes and starship building facilities owned by Roseas Fleet Yards, the largest starship building company in the Republic, producing civillian ships and gigantic cruisers used by the Republic Navy.

Since 1112 RC Heikoan has acted as the capital of the Republic, replacing provisional capitals such as Granada. The planet spanning city was renamed from Heiko City to Republic City.

History Edit

Colonization Edit

Heikoan was colonized by Terrans

Pre-Republican era Edit

Heikoan grew into an ecumenopolis rivaling Terra itself, as a result of the Eugenics Revolution.

Terran Succession Wars Edit


Around May 1328 RC, the Senate of the United Interstellar Republic convened on Heikoan.

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