Jarreban (Ha-rey-ban) was the capital of the Old Republic. Jarreban is home to Jarreban City, which covers the entire planet. Jarreban was colonized in 1975 AD. Jarreban is the most populous planet in the Galaxy.

Description Edit

Jarreban is an oceanic planet with several "continents". The entire surface is an artificial construct except for the preexisting water. The planet is covered with canals that have many levels.  

The entire planet was covered in a gigantic city. Hundreds of neighborhoods lie on the water, supported by stilts of Jimaran steel. In especially poor stilt neighborhoods, the buildings were made of Mistwood. Higher class neighborhoods consisted of futuristic skyscrapers and modern high rises.  

Satellites Edit

Jarreban had two natural satellites, Kayumangi and Kaypuyt. Kayumangi was a Tan colored moon home to large colonies. Kayapuyt was a blue colored moon that orbited closer to Jarreban. Kayapuyt had a surface covered in glowing crystals that gave it its blue color.


Pre-Republican Edit

Jarreban was a tropical planet colonized by Filipino spacers during the Third World War in 1975 AD. Jarreban became the heavily populated capital world of the Jarrel Alliance by the end of the 20th century. Jarreban began a process of construction, transforming

In the year 2015 the United Kuruk Federation attacked the Colonial Federal Republic, starting the Kuruk Wars

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