Entrada City skyline

Political Information

Type of Government Constitutional Monarchy
Head of state Baron/Baroness
Executive branch Unknown
Legislative branch Unknown
Judicial Branch Unknown
Military Branch Unknown

Societal Information

Civic Population 100 million
Total Population 101 million
Official language Hamar Spanish
Currency Diruna
National Holiday Unknown
Anthem "The Steel Blood of Hamar"

Physical Information

Location southern Hadley, White Nimbus, Cielo
Civic Area 1091 square miles
Geography Entroitum Continent
Constructed 1910 AD
Destroyed 5 RC
Rebuilt 10 RC
Interests Unknown

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Jimaro (Hee-mar-O) is the largest city floating in the skies of the planet Cielo. Entrada is the largest of the Big Ten, the ten major city states on Cielo. The main city is known as Hamar

History Edit

The City of Jimaro. In 1941 AD a massive wave of immigrants from Acero on Iviom populated the the new city and built a huge building at the center known as the Entrada Tower, which was a gleaming white building

Government Edit

Cityscape Edit

Entrada map label 2
Jimaro is a huge city filled with hundreds of roads. Jimaro is divided into six Sextant-Boroughs, each of which are further divided into ten districts. Through out the city runs large canals. Twelve spoke canals radiate from the central island, the location of a huge ominous building. The city is also divided by ring canals. The streets get more disorganized the farther they are from the center of the city.

The city is also has another level below the "ground level" known as the Lowtown. Lowtown contains the rapid transit system and the noble keeps. Lowtown is actually the original city that was nearly destroyed during the war between the Galactic Empire and the fledgeling Republic. Lowtown has a similar street plan to the upper city.

Inner Ring Edit

The Inner Ring is the location of many important locations in the city, such as the ancient headquarters of the city's nobility, the massive Central Business District,and the entrance to Jimaro's airports. The majority of the streets of the Inner ring are arranged in gridlike patterns. In Lowtown the streets are lined with large nobleman keeps

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