Alejandro Vasquez, born Jorge Rojas on the planet Granada, was a former fighter pilot for the Galactic Republic, who left for undisclosed reasons. Alejandro Vasquez became the owner of the Lostrego, and the personal pilot of Princess Alicia Incendios.

Biograhphy Edit

Jorge Rojas, was the son of a noble couple on planet Granada. Jorge as the firstborn son, was supposed to inherit the family's fortune and estate, but when he turned eighteen he decided to become a Fighter pilot for the Republic. Jorge became the best pilot in Dragon Squadron, fighting stealth missions against the Terran colony worlds. After a mission in 1325 that ended in millions of deaths on Waikku, Jorge decided to leave. General Hastings, the leader of the Republic Joint Chiefs, attempted to try Jorge for desertion, but this was impossible as he had served for the time he signed up for, leading to the imprisonment of the Rojas family. The Ande Sector Governor, attempted to pardon the family but was blocked by the General, who managed to pull a few strings in the Sector Assembly and courts. Jorge changed his name, faked his suicide, and bought the Lostrego, then known as the Estrella de Malambo. Known as Alejandro, he became a personal pilot for Alicia Incendios in 1327 at the beginning of the Terran Succession War

One Crazy Trip Edit

Lostrego escape

Escape from a Boston class destroyer

At the apparent end of the war, Jorge and Alicia discovered the Confederate surrender was a trap. In attempt to rescue the High King Henry Wessing, Jorge flew the Lostrego through the canyons of Micans.

Personality and traits Edit

Jorge was a muscular young man with incredible intelligence.

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