Joumon was a planet located in the Outer Margin. Joumun was a relatively peaceful planet covered in swamps and plains. Strange rock features covered it's land surface.

Description Edit

Joumon is a sparsely populated world filled with pristine landscapes of plains and forests. Alien rock formations punctuate endless plains.

History Edit

Early civilizations Edit

Joumon was inhabited by a industrialized society thousands of years ago. Many nation states existed. Society was on the brink of collapse as another world war loomed on the horizon. Then a mysterious mechanical crystal appeared outside of a wormhole.

The nations of the world, including the growing Firellian Empire fought for the Heraldes, as the crystal was now known. The world fought savagely for the Heraldes, with some worshiping it as a god. Eventually the Firellian Empire gained control of the crystal, using it to power massive rock creatures. In an attempt to finally wipe out all resistance, the Heraldes was used to create the Starspear, a weapon of unimaginable power. Stationed at the center of the Firellian capital Endax, the Starspear complex aimed at major world cities. But in an unexpected turn of events the Spear fired at the moon, splitting it in half. the fractured beams traveled to destroyed five other planets in the system.

The destruction that followed was unparalleled. Joumon was blasted out of orbit by the destruction of the other worlds. As it moved, the land began to collapse into the Subter Seas. The planet was moved to close to the sun, burning nearly all life. As the planets reformed, Joumon remained at a closer orbit. The Firellian Empire was destroyed and the Heraldes was lost.

Joumon fire

The Dark Age Edit

The planet became a volcanic wasteland. The Remains of Rock creatures scattered the surface, growing into complex webs on their own. The Corpse lands, as they were known were in fact very alive, swallowing entire cites. People also had to deal with starvation. For over a thousand years ash clouded the sky. The Hegemony ruled the world, controlling resources and dividing the world into Provinces. The Hegemony was controlled by the Board of Regecy from the city of Ardis. After a thousand years the sun appeared for the first time. With it came a time of upheaval

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