Kiskeya or Quisqueya, was a terrestrial planet in the Kiskeyano system. Kiskeya is the location of many mines, which are located in the great Western Desert of Ayti. Major corporations such as Ande-Paulino Mineral Corporation and the.

Description Edit

Kiskeya was a geographically varied planet that allowed different climates and terrains to exist unlike single biome planets. Huge mountain ranges bounded the Central Continent. These mountains were capped in snow, a stark contrast to the tropical rainforests that covered the rest of the land. The central continent was also the location of the Western Desert of Ayti, a massive plateau. The northern regions of the central continent are very fertile areas suitable for farming. They are also known for the growths of glowing blue crystals. Kiskeya City, also known as Capital City, is the massive palm shaped metropolis on the east coast of the central continent. On the southern islands, there are many volcanoes, leading to deposits of blue rocks in the area. On the eastern islands are many touristy resorts.

History Edit

Colonial assault Edit

In the year 1328 the reformed Terran Empire attacked the Galactic Republic, ravaging the Core Colonies. In one incident the URS San Antonio, a Cargador class destroyer in orbit of Kiskeya, was sabatoged so it crashed into Capital City. This destroyed several municipalities of the city, killing millions. The San Antonio incident mirrored thousands of other attacks across the Republic. This eventually caused an emergency session of Congress during the off season.