The Kuruks were a Subspecies of humans native to the planet Rukan. Kuruks could be divided into two main groups, Non mechanical and Mechanical. Kuruks were generally incredibly muscular and had long tails.

Races Edit

Non Mechanical (avian) Edit

Avian Kuruks originated from the higher altitude locations on Rukan. Avians had large feathers on the posterior of their limbs and tails, which sometimes enabled flight. Avian Kuruks were very tall, reaching heights of ten feet. Avian Kuruks were weaker than their cousins. The Avian Kuruk Hohepa Sala was a president of the Republic. The worst thing to call an avian is a "chicken". By Terran standards Avians were considered to be less physically attractive because of their noses and deep eyes.

Mechanical (reptillian) Edit

Reptilian Kuruks lacked the larger feathers of the Avians. Reptillians, unlike their cousins, only vaguely resembled their name sake. Reptillians were shorter than Avians, on average 5 and a half feet, and possesed different tails. Reptillian tails were flatter and broader. Reptilians were called mechanical for their metallic and nearly mechanical endoskeleton. Reptilians were considered to be surprisingly beautiful. Female Reptillians had skinnier tails than the males.

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