Micanis Prime or just Micans is an ecumenopolis in the Mid Rim. Micans is known as the Jarreban of the Margin. Micans was originally covered in forests, But these were all cut down to serve the needs of the rich upper class, who used the wood of the native trees to create elaborate furniture and other things. The Upper class also over fished the lakes and rivers, leading to mass starvation. Micans currently resembles a crumbling version of Jarreban. Core world parents often threaten their bad children with being sent to Micans. The planet is ruled by the Micanis corporation, who are known as the Nobles on the planet

Geography Edit

Micans surface is covered in gigantic artificial canyons and mines that coexist with a gigantic ecumenopolis. Huge lakes contain the planets main water supply. Micans is also filled with immense industrial machines with a variety of purposes ranging from Mineral processing to extraction. The planet was originally a forested world of gigantic trees. when the mineral responsible for the trees growth was discovered the Micanis Corporation began transforming the planet. Gigantic pipes cross the canyons.

History Edit

Micans was originally known as Oihan. Oihan was settled by the United Terran Kingdom in 470 RC. The United Interstellar Republic attempted to wrest control of Oihan

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