Selara, also sometimes called Iviom, was heavily populated planet

Description Edit

The heavily populated world was surrounded by 25 artificial rings, each with a different orbital plane.The Rings are named after letters in the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet

Selara's surface was dominated by three continents, with one in the north and two in the south.

The northern continent was the location of the City, an unnamed metropolis with a diameter of 50,000 kilometers. Most of the population lives in the City, with over 750 billion people. The City is surrounded by a giant mountain range known as the Regalis Mountains. The Regalis bisects almost the entire northern continent. On the eastern side of the continent, many smaller towns are dispersed across the woodlands and coastal areas. These towns include Junctionville, Westport, and On the west side lies the Central Plain, which becomes the Holis Snowfield in the north. The Grandia Lakes lie in the Central Plain.Bounding the Central plain is the Blackline Mountains, a wooded range. The town of Eastpoint lies to the east of the Blackline mountains. On the southern region of the continent lies the Tiala Sea, a large gulf with many tropical islands

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