The National Orbital Ring Network of Selara consisted of 26 artificial ring shaped structures. Each ring orbits the planet on a different orbital plane than the last, moving at different speeds. The rings are named after the letters International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. Each ring supports a major city.

OP Ring
1 Alphatown
2 Bravoville
3 Charleston
4 Delta
5 Echo 
6 Foxtrot
7 Georgetown
8 Hilton
9 Ines
10 San Jose
11 Port Kendall
12 Laredo
13 Madison
14 Navarra
15 Oboe
16 Petrograd
17 Quebec
18 Rio
19 Santiago
20 Tango town
21 Union City
22 Victoria
23 Windsor
24 Exxon
25 Yankee
26 Zaragoza

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