The Wilds
Acc north vines
The Wilds in Bay City
Vital statistics
Type Parasitic Flora
Population N/A
Location Bay City, Gran Colombia,
Inhabitants N/A
Languages N/A

The Vine-web Wilds or the Wilds are a parasitic flora that was created by Corrupted monsters. The Wilds are extremely destructive and can destroy normal structures easily. The Wilds are also hard to kill and can only be destroyed with the energy beams that Corrupted monsters shoot. The Wilds have appeared in Bay City, Gran Colombia and other places around the globe.

History Edit

The first appearances of the Wilds happened after the Desolation. The Wilds appeared in populated areas that were destroyed by the Desolation. The ability to create the Wilds was engineered by Illuminati scientists during the creation of the Corruption Virus. This Ability was made so that the world population would not have enough room to live. The Illuminati could then institute their population control programs and reduce the world population, making people easier to control. The Wilds later appeared when the Empire of Gran Colombia started using Corrupted monsters to expand their influence. The most massive occurence of the Wilds was in Bay City, when the  Empire of Gran Colombia tried to destroy the city.

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