Turrian was an urban planet.

Description Edit

Turrian was a less populated form of an ecumenopolis. Turrian had a suprisingly large criminal element. Insurgents would go to Turrian to escape the eye of the royal forces. This would eventually lead to its destruction by orbital bombardment as ordered by High Queen Maria Elizabeth, in her mission to get rid of her sister, Alicia Incendios.

the Destruction of Turrian left the planet a burned out wasteland. The frames of buildings still covered the landscape.

History Edit

Rebel home-world Edit

Since the 700s Turrian was home to a rebel presence. The largest of the Rebel groups was known as the Yongmin. The Yongmin were at odds with the United Terran Kingdom and their presence in the systems in the Turrian area. The Yongmin struck at royal outposts on many planets within the Terran Empire. The Yongmin would strike at the Terrans from their secret base on Turrian. Eventually a few centuries later, the Yongmin agreed to help Alicia Incendios in overthrowing the High Queen. This alliance was loose and the Yongmin had ulterior motives. The Yongmin operation on Turrian ended during an attack by the United Terran Kingdom in 1328 RC. During this attack the planet was blockaded, blocking off any escape attempts. The planet was blockaded for a few days before it was attacked by Boston Class Star destroyers. The Hyper Cannons of each ship laid waste to the planet.

Terran Cruiser

After Bombing Edit

Turrian was left in ruins. The radiation from the Hypercannon blasts killed everything off and completely melted the ice caps, flooding the planet. The Republic tried to establish an outpost on the planet. This failed as the radiation killed off the settlers. Turrian became overgrown with mutant vegetation. Turrian became known as the Ghost City of the Colonies.

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