The United Federation of Augustea was a nation state on Earth that was eventually absorbed into the planetary governments of modern times. It currently exists as the urban administrative region of Augustea-Arctic

History Edit

Founding and early history Edit

Augustea was founded on July 4th,1776 by the Resistance movement of Columbia. The Declaration of Independence from the British Imperium was written on a train to New York City. The Allied States formed from the Thirteen Urban Colonies. During the next decade, a brutal war between the Imperium and the States killed twenty million people. New York City and other temporary capitals like Philedelphia were severely damaged. The War ended in 1790 with the British Imperium humiliated. A new Capital City, August City was built on a sqaure section of land donated by North Carolina and Virginia. August City was a glittering landscape of skyscrapers.

A Test of Strength Edit

In 1812, Augustea was growing at an alarming rate and the entire coast was a covered in a mega city. Augustea was led into conflict with the British again when the new nation expanded into disputed territory around the great lakes. The country was also suffering from internal disputes. The southern states were led into civil war by the Democratic Party. With war on all sides the country was quickly collapsing. In the year1816