The United Galactic Republic, known also as the New Republic, is an interstellar nation located in the milky way galaxy. The Republic is made up of 250,000 Member states, 3 million semi-autonomous territories, and 7 million colonies,spread across 30 billion star systems. The Republic is currently the largest power in the galaxy, covering around a tenth of the Galaxy.

History Edit

11th Century(Resurrection) Edit

The Resistance against the Second Galactic Empire had fought for nearly eight decades and had finally had their first major victory in the Battle of Joumon in 1087. The Resistance had taken over a major hyperlane and a section of the Colonies. The planet Granada was captured in another major battle that lead to Resistance control of the Colonial Region. A year later in 1095 the True Emperor decided to take matters into his own hands and attacked the Resistance world of Sanctuary. After taking control of the Mid rim in 1098 RC the New Republic was formed by the Resistance.

Republic cruiser 2

The Signature ship of the Republic

12th Century(A Galactic Civil War) Edit

The fledgling Republic waged a brutal fight against the Empire. The Republic eventually killed the True Emperor, leaving the empire without a leader. Hundreds of people proclaimed themselves to be the Emperor, all being killed within a week of the proclaimed reign. The last person to claim the Imperial Leadership, was Imamu O'Tien. O'Tien proclaimed himself the Final Emperor in 1126 RC. His rule was solidified by the execution of all his political opponents. O'Tien used his experience as the ruthless Grand Mayor of Waikku to crush Republic allied rebels in the Deep core and Inner Margin. The Republic, now led by president Ekene Onwenu, pushed to regain the Inner Margin and Kuruk Space.
Republic flag wind

An Alternate flag of the Republic, used during peace time

13th Century Edit

The Republic was finally at peace,after decades of war. The Republic decreased military spending and accepted many new worlds into the nation. The Republic made treaties with the United Terran Kingdom to limit their expansion. Special attention was paid to building up the Inner Margin Region. President Hideki Onda, elected two times, in 1230 and 1235, devoted his presidency to reforming conditions in Industrial worlds in the Mid Rim and Inner Rim.

14th Century Edit

Galaxy Terran war 2

*D. Blue:Provisional Congress *L. Blue:Other Republican territories *Orange:New Empire occupied Republic territory * Yellow:New/Terran Empire

Around 1328 RC the Terran Empire was reorganized.

Astrography Edit

The Republic, just as it's name implied covered a large section of the Galaxy, around one third, including the autonomous Territories.

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